DAOfest Shanghai - Daniel's feedback

DAOfest Shanghai - Daniel’s feedback

Its funny looking back at how we joined forces to make the DAOfest magic happen in Shanghai. I knew Ruby and Jessie and both were DAO enthusiast friends from Beijing. I suggested to each of them that they should definitely get to know each other as they are from the same city and both have a spark in their eyes when talking about DAOs :slight_smile:

After we opened a WeChat group things started to move really fast and each of us had crazy ideas and visions for the DAO ecosystem in China. Including my prediction for how big the hype can grow:

Soon enough, we decided it’s important we start doing activities together and make it authentic and fun experience to share how we feel about the DAO ecosystem with the rest of the community. So I suggested to Ruby that we submit a proposal to Genesis DAO (DAOstack’s roots DAO) to fund DAOfest in Shanghai. This is because Felipe Duarte and Luuk Weber has been infectious with their energy to run DAOfest events all over the world and share the spirit.

Soon after we submitted the proposal we switched gears and started working on the event, it all kinda happened out of strong enthusiasm we worked really hard, it was tiring at times, but, we felt like we’re on a mission and we’re doing something really important.

And it proved to really be the true:

People were so excited and attentive they were standing at the corridor eagerly learning because there was no room!

The special thing about hosting DAOfest Shanghai (DAOfest.bitfwd.com) is in the fact it’s the first time the leading DAO practitioners from China’s major tech hubs got together in a summit that is theme focused on DAOs. The participant as well as all the contributors were grassroots passionate DAO entrepreneurs, researchers and investors.

This event effectively marks the beginning of the formation of a real DAO community in China, getting people together to meet in person is what allows us to weave the relationship and form trust so that we can collaboratively contribute building a thriving DAO ecosystem in China.

I’m really curios to see future collaborations between the participants in DAOfest Shanghai, some of these collaborations will result in globally leading innovations in the DAO space as DAOs are becoming a very important for the development of the Blockchain industry and the Chinese entrepreneurs are extremely creative and hardworking.

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