#Defi in DAO / # DAO in Defi?

Initiated by # Defi Labs & # LongDAO

dao is early defi adopter? a governence tool of defi? both!

With assets locked within # Defi surpass ~ 1 billion USD eqv, governance and risk management has becoming a important task for all #defi projects. On the other hand, the boom of #DAO and # Governance seems be suffering from " nothing to govern" for a long while.

Through this initiation, we hope to understand:
the governence status of defi
what are the risks in defi, and which of them can/cant be solved by DAO
the risk and moral consideration of governing assets with “DAO”

Check out latest draft here: https://shimo.im/docs/d3Td6yC6qVJCxdvg

Draft skeleton for Compound https://wiki.gotoken.io/wiki/Compound