How to Join LongDAO

About LongDAO :dragon::fire::fast_forward::rocket:

LongDAO is an experiment in collaborative positive sum games where DAO enthusiasts join to introduce to communities the DAO way and play together. LongDAO intends to be a profitable DAO where profits are shared among the LongDAO Token (LDT) holders. Updates about LongDAO revenue models and token economics will come soon

Kickoff :athletic_shoe:

The initial phase of LongDAO is currently underway and the core team is working to establish the working streams and the kernel of the ecosystem structure. LongDAO will be serving to coordinate a few other initiatives that will be spun out of it and will touch upon the following collaborative community workstreams:

  • MediaDAO : Original content to share knowledge in entrepreneurship and positive sum growth mindset.

  • 区块松DAO / #Blockathon DAO : An online immersive experience that serves to introduce the community to decentralized tech and onboard to the DAO way of fun and collaborative work.

  • InsightDAO: : Research, survey and translation on Crypto native content to support cross border cryptoreneruship and facilitate inspiration exchange between the world of China and outside of China.

  • More to be announced…

How to join LongDAO :fast_forward::athletic_shoe::blowfish::wave:

  1. As a investor: fund and invest through LongDAO and share the earnings and future growth of LongDAO and its sub-DAOs
  2. As a member: joining the alliance and decide the future of LongDAO together
  3. As a client: purchase services from “LongDAO” through LDT
  4. As a community member: claim the projects in LongDAO and earn money, we are eagerly looking for:
    • Marketing specialists
    • Language specialists
    • Research specialists
    • Developers/ Hackers
    • Financial and investment specialist

If you are interested in being part of this historical experiment, please **post your interest / ETH address below or to email address at [email protected] and pitch yourself a little, some reference description as below:

  1. What activities have you been involved in that contributed to the crypto ecosystem?
  2. Why do you want to join the LongDAO? Which part of LongDAO would you be interested?
  3. What is your specific knowledge and skill set?
  4. Anything else you would like us to know

Disclaimer:LongDAO is an experiment with very innovative, new and untested technology. By participating you agree to assume full responsibilities and risks in case of financial loss, tech failure or otherwise. You understand that no obligation is to be assumed by LongDAO community members at any given time

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