Meeting minutes of LongDAO founding members

Date: Feb 11 2020
Key minutes:
1. The aligned vision of LongDAO
2. The running mechanism and financial running mechanism of LongDAO

  • the native token of LongDAO (LDT) will issued through double bonding curve
  • all the revenue into LDT will inject into the LDT buy curve and all the projects and proposals within LongDAO will be driven with LDT

3. How to start without bonding curve auditing ready

  • Allocation of existing budget
  • Manually compute the token conversion in curve

4. Experiment of labor force exchange collaboration

  • code auditing between ASResearch and dOrg

5. The arrangement of subDAOs, MediaDAO and 区块松DAO

Next step action point:

  1. Pin down the double bonding curve parameters: Ruby
  2. Line up dOrg and ASResearch for auditing: Daniel & Ruby
  3. Launch the 区块松DAO on Alchemy: Daniel and Bob
  4. Prepare a proper process instruction and guidance to raise a proposal and apply for budget: Daniel&Jessie


Here is the indicative parameters for the double bonding curve design, key idea:

  1. linear function for buy and sell curve
  2. fixed % between buy and sell curve

Feel free to raise questions or cmts :slight_smile: